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This brief tutorial is about how to create your own bootable CD. For information about bootable CDs see El-Torito and ISO 9660
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you'll need the following:

  • mkisofs
  • your favourite cd burning program
  • a 1.44M floppy image, 1474560 bytes to be exact. See Disk Images for a list of programs that can help you.

How it works

First, lets go to the directory where your floppy image (floppy.img) is located:

cd ~/myosname

First we create an directory to store the contents of the CD:

mkdir cdcontents

Next we copy everything we want on the cd into here

cp files/* cdcontents

You can create extra subdirectories if necessary. After that, we need to copy our floppy image in there as well

cp floppy.img cdcontents

Now our directory stores all we need. We can continue creating the CD image:

mkisofs -o mybootcd.iso -V MyOSName -b floppy.img cdcontents

This will create the cd image:

-o mybootcd.iso send output to mybootcd.iso
-V MyOSName the CD's volume label is MyOSName
-b floppy.img this is the boot image. Note that its both located in the current directory and in the cd's directory
cdcontents this is the directory where all the files are to be taken from

If you have done everything correct, a cd image is created in the current directory. You can burn this image to CD with your favorite cd burner application.

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