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A chrestomathy is a set of parallel texts - or in the case of programming, code examples - used for comparing different versions of a text, either in a different language, in different translations to the same language, or versions whose sources are different. It is often used in literary and scriptural analysis, linguistics, in language education.

They are related to multi-lingual texts such the Rosetta Stone, or modern bilingual signs common in places where different languages are in use, but whereas the purpose of those are usually to give translations for disjoint language groups, chrestomathies are explicitly meant for comparison of either the language or the texts.

In programming specifically, a code chrestomathy can be used to contrast different programming languages, or different methods for applying similar techniques (whether in different languages or not). The best known example on the Web today (Dec 2017) is Rosetta Code, which hosts collections of algorithms and data structures implemented in dozens or even hundreds of different languages.

For this wiki, the chrestomathy topic is for members of the OSDev community to creat pages where they and others can add examples of how certain operations or techniques are implemented in different operating systems, or by user applications running under a given operating system.

The primary purpose of this is to provide examples (or links to examples) of different approaches to how OS-specific operations can be handled. Because these functions are dependent on the design of other aspects of the system, a general-purpose example cannot be provided in the wiki which gives enough information for developers who are looking to learn how to implement them for their own system. Instead, future pages in the wiki, and new edits of existing pages, should provide only a general skeleton example in the page itself, and add a new page in this category where more concrete examples could be posted.

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