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Duct likes mixing code from beginner tutorials, half-way projects and completed projects. He doesn't stick to one coding style, one naming convention, etc. He doesn't have specific goals that he can achieve by understanding what is he doing, because simply he doesn't understand what is he doing. Anyway his project will be used only by himself.


Pros and Cons

Duct's approach has one pro: he can make use of the open-source nature of many projects. On the other side, con's are much more:

  • He mixes incompatible licenses
  • He creates many bugs while he is unable to fix any of them
  • He makes his code totally unreadable to others and to himself
  • He doesn't learn much from it

Duct's Bookshelf

None really, every snippet of code, even when irrelevant, can be integrated to his project.

Opponents Position

Writing an OS is a hard task that can't be achieved by copying and pasting random snippets of code. One has to know what does he do and how everything works together. In short, Duct is not the appropriate archetype for an OS developer.

People And OSes Related To Duct

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