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JLoc was written by John Fine. It is available from here.

"This program is a linker/locator for use when you need more control over placement of sections within the image, than a standard linker provides."

JLoc can be tricky to use for first timers. Carefull reading of the documentation is required. Its not a get-up-and-go linker like all the other linkers. JLoc requires you to write a custome script for each "executable" image you want to link. JLoc gives you flexibility over HOW the object files are linked, regarding loaded addresses and so-forth.

  • Pros
    • Supports OMF/OBJ, DJGPP/COFF
    • Supports 32bit code
    • Supports flat binary file generation
    • Handles library files (OMF/OBJ)
    • OMF/OBJ debugging information
    • Free
  • Cons
    • Does not support any output file formats other than flat binary and DOS/COM
    • Confusing to use for beginners
    • Can't create shared libraries
    • Is a 16 bit executable, so it can't run on 64 bit windows without a VM
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