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The following is a list of freely available online resources to help with learning 80x86 assembly language programming.

Reference Notes
AMD64 Architecture Tech Docs AMD's current Programmer's Reference Manuals
ASM Community A community for learning assembly language
FASM Programmer's Manual Includes information on most instructions
Intel's 80386 Programmer's Reference Manual (converted to HTML) Similar to Intel's current Programmer's Reference Manual, but easier for beginners as it lacks all the features introduced in newer CPUs that can increase confusion
Intel's Current Programmer's Reference Manuals
Ketman Assembly Language Tutorial An interesting looking 8086 interpreter originally intended for learning 8086 assembly (so you can see exactly what effect each instruction has on the CPU) that includes a tutorial
PC Assembly Tutorial Uses NASM, mostly covers 32-bit protected mode assembly only
Programming from the Ground Up Book This is an introductory book to programming and computer science using assembly language.
The Art of Assembly Language A good reference. Considered a little controversial by some people, as the author attempts to teach assembly language by teaching a completely different language (called HLA) first in an attempt to ease the transition from high level languages to assembly.

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