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Mister Perfect is always searching for the optimal code. He overthrows his design decisions again and again in his quest to be the most stable, clean, elegant, useful code. Mister is good friends with Dae Dreamer, however Mister has actually written some code.


Pro's & Con's


  • Mister spends all his time reading, researching, and contemplating. He will be very helpful on the forums, especially on OS Design & Theory, as he knows everything related to OS development.


  • When he finally gets around to writing code, he'll read a paper or a forum post advocating a different approach, and he'll start over.
  • It's a never-ending story...

Going further than Mister Perfect

Realize that nothing and nobody is perfect. After a thorough designing process settle for the current design.

Mister Perfect's bookshelf

Lots of books about OS design.

Mister Perfect's opponents position

  • Cowboy Coder - Cowboy doesn't believe in plans. Real men jump straight into coding.

People and OSes related to Mister Perfect

  • Hurd (GNU's official kernel, or more correctly library-OS)
  • Nexos My OS will be perfect (or close enough)
  • eekee, who spent all his time rewriting his designs until he lowered his standards
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