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May have some trouble describing ARM versus the X86/X64 with out throwing a bad light on either one. Even though I feel it is accepted industry wide that the 80386 compatible processors are extremely complex especially the instruction encoding. I still am not sure how much of the industry accepts that RISC is a better overall architecture even though I have read numerous books which do specify RISC is being better and that Intel would be selling a RISC if they could start over, LOL. But... You see what I mean.

So if you can help then by all means edit it.

-- Pancakes
RISC is the better theory. But Intel has burned unbelievable amounts of money in R&D and fab technology, so they still have the edge performance-wise. Many of the things originally introduced for and by RISC have been hammered into submission and added to the x86/x64 chips. As such, I'd just drop the subject. You don't have to make a case, or even a detailed comparison of technologies. Just point out how ARM is different, and keep it at that. IMHO. -- Solar 05:09, 20 March 2012 (CDT)
Thanks, I think it looks much better now. -- Pancakes 20:17GMT, 22 March 2012
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