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My OS Project

I'm slowly working on QuokOS (temporary name, I'm sure). The goal is to create a POSIX and possibly SUS compliant UNIX-like OS. The one major change I'm planning on is a more sane (that is, modern) filesystem layout, and application directories (like Mac OS). Of course, that does most likely mean I can't meet full POSIX and SUS compliance.

QuokOS is developed in C, using GCC and GAS on all platforms. It is a monolithic kernel, with support for module loading (implemented now) and unloading planned in the future.

Currently not too much is supported, some basic hardware detection, multiple virtual consoles, some SMP code, and that's about it. While there is multitasking code in QuokOS, I don't currently launch any tasks; I'm waiting on implementing my own ATA driver and some filesystem code (Ext2FS).

QuokOS is currently licensed under its own license, named the QuokOS Public License. However, I am considering switching the license to the ISC license.

QuokOS has been tested under Bochs, VMWare, and Qemu. It also runs on real hardware: I've booted it successfully on some IBM Thinkpad laptops, a dual cpu IBM Netfinity 5500, my AMD64 workstation (in 32-bit mode), a macbook pro, and a 16 way x86_64 based server with over 32GB of RAM. Sure, it booted there, but was it usable? I don't know, it's not usable anywhere right now!

QuokOS is currently X86 (32 bit) only. A X86-64 version is planned, and work is slowly starting to progress there.

Pages In My Namespace

Here's links to WIP pages in my namespace.

Silicon Image Datasheets

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