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The Titanium Bonfire Operating System (TBOS) is a 16-bit, x86 operating system written in NASM-style assembly language. The project is open source, under the BSD license. The project's website is at, with the Titanium Bonfire Project at

Todo lists and such can always be found on the Titanium Bonfire Project website (you may have to search through the blog posts though!)

  • Current version is 1.0.1, working on 1.1.0
  • The next major version after 1.1.0 will be 1.2.0

TBOS is a purely monolithic and monotasking kernel. Plans for MS-DOS and possibly MikeOS program support have been made and the code is in the works.

Known major bugs

  • fs_fat12_write will gladly overwrite (or duplicate) a file
  • get_string can cause buffer overflows


hash (Hardly Amazing SHell) is the built-in shell for TBOS. It's probably the biggest part of the kernel binary since it has 75% of the strings in it. hash is influenced by bash and borrows some ideas from bash and other GNU software, like long options. People who are native DOS users probably won't like working with hash because it's just plain different than the DOS command interpreter.

  • Current version is 0.3.x, working on 0.4.0
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