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Comedy This page is a work of humor, it is not meant to be serious.

  • Rule of osdev #1469: never assume memory is zero'd - moondeck
  • Rule of osdev #1468: never assume indices are sequential - mniip
  • Rule of osdev #1470: don't divide when you can shift - glauxosdever
  • Rule of osdev #fbf89521-21f1-4a52-b5cb-a0bf0f761bb4: probably avoid collisions with globally unique identifiers - sortie
  • Rule of osdev #1985: Never try to build a GUI ontop of your DOS - bellezzasolo
  • Rule of osdev #1986: Always ignore rules and limitations, they "probably" won't hurt you later on. - Killaship (see rule #1985)
  • Rule of osdev #0xB8000: Don't do arithmetic on video pointers. - m712
  • Rule of osdev #4200: Always follow rule 0xB8000 instead of learning it the hard way - Killaship
  • Rule of osdev #0xdeadbeef: If you think something is done for you, its not. - moondeck
  • Rule of osdev #0xF00F: Don't trust Intel, always check that cr1 access causes #UD. - aristos
  • Rule of osdev #(uint32_t)&kernel_sbrk: Do not negative-kernel-sbrk past your implementation of kernel-sbrk - franchufranchu
  • Rule of osdev #0xC10000000: Do not put something big on BSS before your full kernel is mapped (#PF here we come) - nexos
  • Rule of osdev #1984: Always use the superior boot protocol Stivale, instead of your 32-bit mentally deranged Multiboot - sebastian
  • Rule of osdev #0x1000: Never use any other bootloader than Limine - ilobilo
  • Rule of osdev #995: If you write mouse driver first time, cursor is going to all directions, but not the one you want to - Klakap
  • Rule of osdev #1: If you will stuck, do not worry, in future you will stuck again - Klakap
  • Rule of osdev #148: Q:How to make yourselve crazy in most efficent way? A:Write 100000 lines of assembly program without comments and read it again - Klakap
  • Rule of osdev #0xdeadbeef: Use UEFI - Moldytzu
  • Rule of osdev #1: according to lots of sources, a bootloader-os costs 100$ dollars and everybody is willing to pay for it
  • Add your rules here - name
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