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For a userland-less GCC, isn't this normally done with CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET?

Given that a x86_64-pc-elf GCC is mostly useless for userland programming (without -mno-red-zone), shouldn't it just be built with CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET=-mno-red-zone? See this gcc-help posting: [1]. Also, it'd be interesting to know how this is achieved in Linux, *BSD, &c. kernels that are built with a conventional userland compiler and don't have (?) a special libgcc. --User:Alexshpilkin (Forgot to sign message)

Thank's for bringing the topic up. I tried CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET (as that flag is documented by gcc) but it's silently ignored when building the crtbegin and crtend objects. Trust me with this. It took about three days to figure out a clean way to get the -mno-redzone to apply to these files. We also had lots of discussion on that topic in #osdev. --Shirk 12:00, 23 October 2014 (CDT)
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