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Turbo C


Turbo C (aka TC) is Borland's 16-bit C compiler. In OS development, it is only useful for developing real mode operating systems. TC normally compiles to a DOS .exe executable, but the generated code can be turned into a flat binary by exe2bin if you compile with the -mt (model tiny) argument to the compiler, which makes the result position-independent.

Make bug

If you're using Turbo C. There is a chance that the make program that comes in TC hangs indefinitely. To fix this it's necessary to create a makefile that does absolutely nothing. This only happens on Turbo C 2.01.

Inline Assembly

Inline assembly works fine in Turbo C, but there are a few rules:

  • You must compile from the command line
  • You must own TASM or pass -Exxx to the compiler
  • Only intel syntax is accepted

-Exxx specifies an alternate assembler to use, eg. -Enasm.exe if you wanted to assemble with NASM.

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