You Know Your OS Is Advanced When

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Comedy This page is a work of humor, it is not meant to be serious.

"Hmm... I don't think I have mmap... oh wait, I changed the binary loader to use it months ago!" - thePowersGang

... you have a problem with bash and find the answer on Stack Overflow with an Ubuntu tag. - klange

... people don't believe it when you show them screenshots with `uname -a` output. - pcmattman

... your compositor has features that can't be implemented with X11. - klange

... you consult the Linux From Scratch guide more often than the Intel/AMD documentation. - sortie

... you require at least 1 GB of main memory just to run it. - glauxosdever

... windows decides to wipe your hard drive 35 times. - bellezzasolo

... you require a bunch of 3rd-party drivers for the system to even boot. - Coconut9

... your Desktop is full of PDFs for weird devices. - superleaf1995

... you ask questions on Stack Overflow with the Linux tag. - Moldytzu

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