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Cowboy Coder doesn't waste time planning what he's going to work on or thinking through problems. Cowboy is ready to jump into writing code. Any problems we can fix when we get to them.

Cowboy follows the Code and Fix software development method.


Pros and Cons


  • He has a lot of passion.
  • He doesn't waste time getting started.
  • He will often follow a tutorial as a starting point but has no idea what to do once he reaches the end.
  • He sees himself as a Jack of all trades.


  • Once the complexity of the task catches up to him, Cowboy doesn't have a plan, so he quickly looses motivation. As a result, Cowboy has many abandoned and unfinished projects. For example, he'll try to port a couple of C libraries to no avail, he'll try to roll his own, giving up not soon after, then deciding to restart over writing his kernel in Assembly or D.
  • His motivation easily changes - one moment Cowboy will be working a bootloader, then read a blog post about UI design, and drop everything to work on a GUI.
  • Trivial problems, when first encountered and not planned for, often prevent Cowboy from seeing the forest for the trees. For example, he'll focus his time on trying to avoid the next line of code from triple faulting, without caring to understand the bigger picture.
  • Cowboy's questions on the forum are super-focused, with no context of the greater problem he's trying to solve, mainly because he doesn't know the greater problem himself.

Going further than Cowboy Coder

A vision of what you want your OS to be, and a TODO list to get there.

Cowboy's Bookshelf

Nothing. Reading takes time away from starting Cowboy's next project.

Opponents Position

Cowboy's opponents are Mister Perfect who overplans and it's never good enough, and Dae Dreamer who has never written a line of code.

People And OSes Related To Cowboy

  • Jankowalski25 Definitely me. A lot of unfinished projects and test tools, but almost empty list of completed projects. Everything is flying and the question "what now?" always comes back.
  • Insert your names here
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