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Dae Dreamer spends his all of his free time reading about operating systems, compilers, languages, IPC, memory management, UI, device management, etc. Even though he spends hours each day reading about OS development and has fleshed his entire OS in his head, Dae claims he never has time to actually work on it - either due to work commitments, a spouse, other hobbies, or just procrastination. But, he considers himself part of the OS development community. Dae is friends with Mister Perfect.


Pros and Cons


  • He knows everything there is to know about operating systems, and could teach university courses on the topic.
  • He lurks on the OS Design & Theory sub-forum, often giving well thought out page long responses. He even occasionally asks a question to solve a problem in his dream OS, which doesn't yet exist.


  • He's never written a line of code.

Going further than Dae Dreamer

Follow a tutorial and start some coding.

Dae's Bookshelf

A bit of everything. One day this knowledge will be useful.

Opponents Position

Cowboy Coder - Dae's arch enemy.

People And OSes Related To Dae

  • Insert your names here

User:Egoros7: My OS will be perfect and stable as rock! Well, remained to create it :D

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